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At RetoMarket blog, you will get a deeper understanding of the managed service provider and the direction business's in the world are going, how RetoMarket in IT services plays a vital role in shaping this New, Exciting, Collaborative, and Productive side of the business World, to develop and assist you in drawing up a plan, educating you with updated technology news , on how you can also contribute in streamlining this Bold Adventures New Era.

Info-tech News

Info-tech News

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QUICKHELP™: Simplifying Learning for all Office 365 Users

Why Users Need Continual Learning on Office 365


Employees work an average of 45 hours a week, but consider 16 of those hours unproductive.

  •  60 new Microsoft features were launched this year – the technology gap is definitely widening. 
  • 154 new Microsoft features are in deployment right now with at least one insider threat each month.
  • One day per week, or 19.8% of business time, is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively.   
  • Increased IT spending – many similar applications are available to users (OneDrive + Google Drive + Dropbox, Skype + WebEx).   
  • $30 billion worth of software is unused by U.S. organizations every year. 


The QuickHelp platform zeroes in on a learning journey that speaks to users as individuals with unique needs.



 Intake surveys create curated learning paths based on company goals, job titles, work habits and skill levels.



 Our intelligent platform delivers targeted, individualized content and messaging that keeps people engaged with their learning.



 By delivering the right content at the right time, we reinforce learning and transform the way users work.


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